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As a FF (i.e. Facing Future) volunteer, we welcome you to our organization. We’re glad you’ve decided to help us out and we hope we can get you more quickly oriented. This page is intended to serve as a landing page in order to help people more easily find the helpful volunteer information on our website.

You will see a “Volunteer Table of Contents” on the left hand side of this page which shows the various volunteer oriented posts available. You may click on any of the links that might interest you.

There are several opportunities to help depending on your interests and skills. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • FacingFuture.TV Video Production
    • The Video Editing Team
      We always need additional help with editing and putting videos together for FacingFuture.TV. If you have video editing skills or think you might want to invest time learning the skill as you help out let us know.
    • The Translation Team
      We’re always looking for volunteer translators to translate our Youtube video Transcripts, Titles and Descriptions. If you are able to translate from English to any other language please contact [email protected].
    • The Moderating Team
      Members of this team help with moderating comments made on the various videos in our Youtube Channel.
  • Write a Blog Post.
    You may want to write a blog post on a related topic. See our blog postings here:  https://www.facingfuture.earth/library/blog/
  • The Social Media Team
    This team posts content to social media such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms. When a new Video comes out on our Youtube channel or a new blog or wiki article is posted on our website help spread the word through social media.
  • The Website Team
    If you have knowledge of html, css, php, wordpress, and have experience creating and/or maintaining websites than there may be an opportunity for you to help. We can certainly look at building depth to our team.
  • The Interviewing Team
    If you have experience interviewing and being on camera, or experience as a journalist, there may be an opportunity to help.
  • 11:32 am August 31, 2020 – Heidi Brault – (Edited information to reflect the new organization, added information about the Interviewing Team, commented out information about the Wiki Team and the Speakers’ Bureau)
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