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We welcome you to submit blog posts on any of the stressors covered in this website, or other stressors not covered here.  Topics can include ocean and air pollution, toxic chemicals and processes, the dominance of ‘profit’ over ‘people’ and all of life on Earth, soil degradation and destructive farming and forestry practices, threats to the biodiversity of a no longer healthy ecosphere, population, how we feed ourselves, industrial and personal carbon footprints, and the many components and impacts of climate change.  Don’t forget the topics of political advocacy, and grassroots organizing that are central to Facing Future.

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June 15, 2022

The Overshoot Dilemma

by Robert Hunziker

Climate change and global warming, which is the largest part of the ‘change’ aspect, is suddenly getting the kind of special treatment that’s reserved for national tragedies. A special commission has been established to investigate a way out of the . . .

June 10, 2022

Polar Scientist Explains Peril of Thwaites

by Robert Hunziker

Ted Scambos, a polar scientist with 20 trips to Antarctica under his belt, makes a living trekking across glaciers, measuring the speed, thickness, and structure of ice. Dr. Scambos (University of Colorado/Boulder) recently penned an article: Ice World: Antarctica’s Riskiest . . .

June 8, 2022

John Kerry’s Global Fix-it Campaign

by Robert Hunziker

“I’m absolutely convinced we will get a low-carbon, no-carbon economy at some point in time. The challenge is will we get there in time to heed the warnings of the scientists and avoid the worst consequences of the crisis?” (John . . .

June 8, 2022

A Letter from India

by Robert Hunziker

A letter from India, which follows below, was received in response to the posted article India – Birds Drop From the Sky, People Die (May 24th). The letter is a personal testament to weakened ecosystems caused by global warming and . . .

May 27, 2022

India – Birds Drop Out of the Sky, People Die

by Robert Hunziker

In case you have lingering doubts about the reality of human-caused global warming, hop on an airplane to parts of India or Pakistan and spend a few days. And, as long as you’re there, maybe be a good citizen and . . .

May 20, 2022

The Biomass Peril

by Robert Hunziker

Woody biomass, or burning trees to produce renewable energy, is spreading beyond the shores of Europe, where it’s wildly popular and outpacing solar and wind. It’s headed for Japan and South Korea, where subsidies for woody biomass displace funding for . . .

May 9, 2022

World Drought Gets Worse, Cities Ration

by Robert Hunziker

The planet is wheezing, coughing and sputtering because of vicious attacks by worldwide droughts aided and abetted by global warming at only 1.2C above baseline. Some major metropolises are rationing water. What’ll happen at 1.5C? It’s not as if droughts . . .

April 30, 2022

Japan’s Toxic Dumping Faces Growing Protests

by Robert Hunziker

The Japanese government’s decision one year ago to dump radioactive water from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant storage tanks into the Pacific Ocean, starting in the spring of 2023, is facing increasing pressure to back off, especially in light of . . .

April 23, 2022

The Collapse of Industrial Farming

by Robert Hunziker

The most upending event of the past 10,000 years is the advent of engineered food as fermentation farms displace factory farms. “We are on the Cusp of the Fastest, Deepest, Most Consequential Disruption of Agriculture in History.” (RethinkX.com) “Modern foods . . .

April 19, 2022

Climate Change is Killing Trees

by Robert Hunziker

A long time ago in the Milky Way galaxy on a planet named Earth the trees died. It only happened once in the planet’s history. It was during the Permian-Triassic 252 million years ago. Henk Visscher, PhD, Department of Earth . . .

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