We are currently adding to our Social Media and Video Production Teams, so let us know if you have experience. You will be part of a committed team of people spread across five continents in service to Humanity. If you have one or more social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, SnapChat, or others, and wish to take action, email us at [email protected].

The underlying premise of the Facing Future initiative is that most of humanity’s problems stem from the pernicious system of Money and it’s playbook, Growth Economics, sometimes called Capitalism. Hence we are very deliberately an all-volunteer organization.

There is no ‘pay’ involved, but instead a huge ‘payoff.’ That payoff is your taking action to spread the truths we publish in a world awash in falsifications, ‘fake news,’ the term coined by the prime perpetrator of lies. That fake news is given credibility by the mainstream media repeating them constantly, since their business models are based upon advertising profits and only secondarily (or sometimes not at all) with the well-being of Humanity and Life on Earth. The chief liars and deceivers have Money on their side. We have Truth.

Volunteering with Facing Future offers you the daily reward of knowing you’ve done something, taken positive action, to benefit current and future generations and the well-being of all living species.