Our Vision

Our vision is for a planet on which we all accept, know and understand our place in the web of life. We will work to bring the science to all, so that all appreciate the need to balance well-being for all with climate safety and healthy ecologies, and economic and political systems that support this vision.

We stand for the Protection and Preservation of Life on Earth.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board consists of an exceptional group of individuals with deep experience and passion in climate and related fields. Advisors assist us with visioning, strategy, and perhaps most importantly, they help us edit, improve and refine the information presented.

Dr. Peter Carter, Expert Reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Dr. Clóvis Cavalcanti, Past President of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), a Brazilian ecological economist, an organic farmer since 1976, an environmentalist, teacher of ecological economics at the Federal University of Pernambuco, senior researcher at the Institute for Social Research and the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation

Joan Diamond, ex-officio, Secretariat: Executive Director, Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere, an initiative of Stanford University addressing the gap between knowledge of global problems and societies’ failure to act

Dr. Sylvia A. Earle, (aka ‘Her Deepness’) Oceanographer, National Geographic Explorer in Residence, Founder of Mission Blue and a champion for protecting the natural world, all of it, author and lecturer with experience as a field research scientist, government official, and director for several corporate and non-profit organizations

Rob Harding, MAHB (The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere), author of ‘A Proposal for a United Nations Framework Convention on Population Growth’

Patrick HoganEmeritus Earth Scientist, former Program Manager, NASA WorldWind, which provided visualization technology for spatial data as open source (precursor to Google Earth), pilot, deep-sea diver, currently certified CA  K-12 teacher,  working on Montessori certification for Early Childhood (3-6 year olds)

Dr. Luiz Marques, Professor in the Department of History at the State University in Campinas, Brazil. His book, “Capitalism and Environmental Collapse” (2020), examines the relationship between the current globalized socio-economic system and the ongoing process of socio-environmental collapse.

Mark McCaffrey, Founder, UN recognised ECOS (Climate Education, Communication, Outreach Stakeholders Community) and Author of ‘Powers of 10 Framework for social transformation, which identifies ‘sweet spots’ for rapid climate and sustainability actions between individual and global scales.

Dr. Bill Moomaw, Woods Hole Research Center, Professor Emeritus, Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Dr. William Rees, William Rees is a human ecologist, ecological economist, Professor Emeritus and former Director of UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning. The originator and co-developer of ecological footprint analysis, Prof Rees has published hundreds of peer reviewed and popular articles on (un)sustainability. His work is internationally recognized and awarded.

Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, Sustainability advocate, co-created Ecological Footprint accounting and founded Global Footprint Network, a think-tank focused on bringing about an economy in which all can thrive within the means of our one planet

Dr. Peter Wadhams, Emeritus Professor, Ocean Physics, Head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group, University of Cambridge, with 40 years of research in sea ice and ocean processes in the Arctic and the Antarctic, author of numerous publications on the dynamics and thermodynamics of sea ice, sea ice thickness, waves in ice, icebergs, and ocean convection