The Core Team

The core team at present consists of these exceptional individuals.  If you are interested in joining this Team, and have skills and experience that would aid our mission, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected].

Stuart Scott
Executive Director and Founder

Dale Walkonen
Associate Producer

Cynthia Riddle
Deputy Director

Usha Alexander
Jordan Axelrad
Margaret Beasley
Heidi Brault
Mary Cavett
Mike Coe
Tina Curran
Glenn Goodwin
Charles Gregoire
Eileen Gunning
Jim Hicks
Shiela Laffey
Meia Matsuda
Nadine Nai’a Newlight
Brad Shapiro
Nora Stewart
Brian Wright
Marli Zimdahl

All the work done by our team is on a volunteer basis since we are unfunded and intend to remain so for the present so that we don’t fall under the influence of money and the editorial pressure and censorship that it can entail.