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Cynthia Riddle

Cynthia Riddle is the Executive Director of Facing Future. She had a long career in film production and is the founder of the Sustainable Future Committee at the Director's Guild of America. Cynthia launched the Healthy Children-Healthy Planet program in the Los Angeles Unified School District in 1998, introducing children to organic gardening and healthy eating.

She has an MA in Communications and Film from the University of Texas and is a lifelong environmentalist.

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Dale Walkonen

Dale Walkonen is the Executive Producer and host of FacingFuture.TV. She was formerly the New York State lobbyist for American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and an Adjunct Professor of Communications at Concordia College, Sacred Heart University, College of New Rochelle. A playwright and poet, her work focuses on environmental themes.

Dale has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and an MA at Boston University in writing.

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Heidi Brault

Heidi Brault is the COP26 Team Lead and the Designated Contact Point (DCP) for the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE). Heidi is also a key member of the Web Team. She had a career in the Library & Information field as a Library & Metadata Technician and has taught English as a Second Language. She has a BA in Psychology from Carleton University, a Library & Information Technician Diploma from Algonquin College, and is also a Climate Reality Leader. She has been deeply involved in climate activism since 2018.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Heidi lives with her husband and co-team member, Charles Gregoire. They enjoy tandem cycling and travelling.

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Charles Gregoire

Charles is the Webmaster and provides general IT support for the team. He is COP26 Team Tech Lead. Charles is a Climate Reality Leader with a background in engineering. He has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick and worked in the high tech field for over twenty years as an electrical engineer and a manager. He is also a musician and entertains in seniors residences and nursing homes.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Charles lives with his wife and co-team member, Heidi Brault.

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Glenn Goodwin

Glenn Goodwin is the Lead Video Editor and a host for Facing Future.TV. He is a British Freelance Creative Director based in Barcelona, Spain. He has worked in Branding for a number of years. He has just produced a mobile APP called which helps people in their kitchens manage their food and prevent Food Waste.

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Raya Salter

Raya Salter is an attorney, educator and clean energy policy expert with a focus on energy and climate justice. Raya is a member of the New York State Climate Action Council, the body that is developing the plan to implement the nation's leading climate law.

Ms. Salter is an experienced advocate, having practiced energy law and regulation in multiple jurisdictions, including New York and Hawaii. She is an adjunct professor at Cardozo Law School and the author of "Energy Justice" (Edward Elgar, 2018). Her web site is

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Dagmar Zimdahl

Marli is the prime editor of auto-generated English subtitles of FF.Earth videos and liaison with a team of volunteer translators who keep translating the latest videos into Spanish, Dutch, French, Slovenian and other languages. She had a 32 year career at National Semiconductor Corp in 3 different countries, working as a senior business systems analyst in her last assignment.

She has a diploma and state exam in translating English-German/German-English, has been a 99% vegetarian since 2019 and is supporting sustainable living, making small changes every day.

Based in San Jose, California, she is spending a good amount of time in a communal Greenhouse & Garden project (with produce going to a local food bank), is an active member of a local Lions club and is working with a team which is exploring Earthquake forecast methods.

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Dr. Peter Carter

Peter Carter, M.D. is a retired family and emergency physician with a background in environmental health protection policy. He is an IPCC reviewer, and co-author of Unprecendented Crime: Climate Science Denial and Game Changers for Survival.

As a founding director of CAPE (Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment) and, more recently, as founder of the Climate Emergency Institute, Peter has presented on sustainable development, environmental health policy, biodiversity, and the climate and oceans emergency at international science and climate change conferences in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.

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Brian Wright

Brian Wright is a Director of FacingFuture.TV Europe. Formerly a founding director in the Natural Medicine field and in eco-materials projects, he has a long term involvement with Integral Philosophy and personal and social transformation toward facing the Global Crisis. Brian loves music, writing and walking in nature.

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