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Front Row Centre at The End of the World Show

by Bruce Mason

So what do I tell my children and grandchildren?

When a good friend asked this question last year, Bruce Mason began work on a response that eventually became “Front Row Centre at the End of the World Show.” Initially inspired by the article World Scientists Warning to Humanity: a Second Noticehe addresses the following:

  • the main issues and causes of the current Sixth Extinction.
  • attempts to convince our leaders of the necessity of addressing the hard questions directly.
  • provides an answer to those who claim there is nothing to be done.

So what will you tell your children and grandchildren?

Read the full article here: Front Row Centre at the End of the World Show

5 Replies to “Front Row Centre at The End of the World Show”

  1. Bruce Mason has written a clear and compelling account of humanity’s current predicament. It is one of our own making, and it is the direct result of a political economy that attempts to grow exponentially into a finite biosphere. It is precisely that political economy that masks our predicament from serious consideration, and prevents our world’s leaders, all of them, from addressing the problem frontally and honestly. It is far easier to get elected telling people convenient lies than it is if you are telling inconvenient truths.

    Bruce did not get honest answers, but rather just polite put-offs, from staffers in the offices of the Canadian high officials he attempted to contact about our predicament. This is consistent with the preceding assertion. The current, globally accepted and enforced economic model has only two modalities: growth or collapse. It nearly collapsed several years ago due to the inability to continue growing at the rate that had been achieved with complex mathematical financial ‘securities’ (which made a mockery of the very term!). Except for one nation that actually punished those who created the near collapse, all other nations instead rewarded those culpable!

    The banking system was faced with the untenable situation of either permit the collapse or handing huge additional amounts of money out there in a euphemistic ‘plan’ called Quantitative Easing, in an attempt to reignite growth. The question then becomes, how long can the can be kicked down the road. Economists, bankers, politicians and chambers of commerce think ‘forever’. The Second Law of Thermodynamics says, “Ridiculous!”

    Economists and bankers live in the fantasy world of infinite economic growth. Reality is ignored in favor of the mainstream narrative that conveniently regards the biosphere as irrelevant and economic growth the cure for all ills. Ecologists rather study the physical and biological realities that mainstream economists ignore. They are screaming at us to change.

    Politicians are sophists who must support the fantasies of their business, banking and economic sectors with platitudes and convenient lies. It’s an old story. But the rooster is coming home to roost, and there appears to be an end of the road in sight, as documented on the http://ScientistsWarning.TV channel and many other places (but not on CNN and the other mainstream ‘news’ outlets dependent upon economic growth for their own survival). Politicians apparently prefer this peril to doing the difficult task of telling the truth and acting with urgency. They are accepting the current implicit global agreement to remain in pedal-to-the-metal growth until we experience system collapse. It is a phenomenon known as NIMTO, or Not In My Term of Office.

    May our children forgive us, even though those who prefer lies and appearances are condemning us all to death. May the Universe have mercy on us and instead permit and encourage us to make the changes to our culture and our civilization that might allow some of life on Earth, with or without humanity, to survive what appears to lie dead ahead.

    Stuart Scott
    Executive Director

  2. Thank-you Bruce for providing this interesting summation of our planetary predicament and humorous narrative on your attempts to engage the Canadian Government as a concerned citizen only to be politely ignored.

    Thank-you Stuart for your insightful commentary on Bruce’s article regarding the addiction of most of the world’s economies to the idea of Economic Growth on a finite planet and its consequent impacts as well as its government’s attitude to those like Bruce “crying in the wilderness” doing what they can to try and “stop this crazy path of self annihilation we’re on.”

    Charles Gregoire
    Webmaster, IT and Assistant Communications

  3. Thank you for this straightforward and very well done summary of our situation. This is something I (and millions of others!) could include with letters I send to my so-called “representatives” as I press them on climate disruption and human overpopulation. I especially appreciate the references and links provided. Many of us want to write a piece like this but for whatever reasons don’t seem to pull it together this well, so THANK YOU. We have an opportunity in the U.S. in this next election cycle to PUSH VERY HARD about these issues with candidates and make it crystal clear we will ONLY vote for those who commit to seriously addressing these existential issues!!!

  4. If you can disprove the McPherson Paradox, we might have a chance, about the size of the shadow of the fume of a mouse turd. If you can’t disprove (and nobody in the entire planet has been able to thus far), we may not survive for even 10 more years.

    The BOE + Global Aerosol Masking + the more than 6 dozen irreversible environmental feedback loops that McPherson has already documented, including methane “bombs” projected to easily be 20 MEGATONS, are insuring our very near-term extinction. So please go ahead and disprove it. I and BILLIONS of people are rooting for you…

    Oh, and the American Academy of Sciences just went back on their recommendation of geo-engineering saying it isn’t viable like they once said because it is a non-existent fantasy and if we were to try it, the results would probably be disastrous…

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