Greta 2019 Annual Meeting
“Greta Thunberg” by World Economic Forum is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Rollbacks, An Assault Against Life On Earth

by Old Dog Documentaries

The face of Greta Thunberg speaking out so clearly and confidently and with such urgency, both gives us hope and alarms us.

We have hope because there are many, among them many young people, who are stepping up to warn us further about the climate crisis and urging us to take action. We are alarmed, because such young people have had to take it upon themselves to lead the clarion call on climate action.

Our form of action was to produce ROLLBACKS: An Assault Against Life on Earth and make it available to you.

The 30-minute film is meant to be used as a tool for discussion and a resource for knowledge and action.

The impact of climate change is undeniable and catastrophic. The recent and ongoing fires in California and now in Australia are a heartbreaking demonstration of this. The Trump administration has met this crisis by systematically and efficiently enacting an alarming number of regulatory rollbacks, reversing past policy progress and putting our very existence at risk.

Because we are in a crisis and urgent action is essential, Old Dog Documentaries is offering the film  FREE OF CHARGE to view and to share.

You may download a 1080p copy (834 MB) of the video made available on this webiste here.
You may also purchase a DVD version of the video here.

If you’d like to help spread the message of this documentary by hosting a screening in your home or community there is more information on the Old Dog Documentaries website here. If you require a higher resolution of the video for viewing on larger screens you can get it here and click on Download where the original version (24 GB) is available. There is also an eFlyer template available in both Pages and MSword format.

You may view the video on ScientistsWarning.TV here.

In addition to this video, Scientists Warning,  has produced a video called “Rollbacks, The Menace of Donald Trump” which is a commentary on Rollbacks, An Assault Against Life on Earth and includes a discussion about the urgent need for US citizens to take action by VOTING in the primaries and election in 2020. This program was one of eleven programs that Scientists Warning produced at the 2019 COP-25 in Madrid.

About Old Dog Documentaries

We are two “old dogs” saddened by the suffering we see all around us and moved to take action. Since 1985, we have produced and directed documentary films about the subtleties of individual human experience and the complexities of our collective challenges.

Our political leaders cannot solve the problems of our time. They themselves are too beholden to privileged, powerful constituencies motivated to preserve the status quo. Change must start with ordinary people who understand the interrelatedness of our global community. Ordinary people have the will, resourcefulness, and compassion to craft new solutions serving our common good.

We offer our films as catalysts for this kind of solution— as tools for education and activism in the name of social change. We invite you to watch them at home, show them to your friends, share them with your classes and your community. We are happy to answer questions, provide additional resource materials, and suggest ways of using our films that will support your own efforts to nurture and protect this world we share.

3 Replies to “Rollbacks, An Assault Against Life On Earth”

  1. I agree with you.
    My own children are stuck in the status quo, have families and are afraid to get outside their ‘comfort zone.’
    I am fed up with our species abusing every other specy on the Planet.
    Smart enough to cause violence and more wars, not smart enough to learn to get along.
    Not smart enough to ban toxins, not smart enough to get rid of nuclear weapons, not very smart.
    We are only primates, part of Evolution, nothing special.
    the main predator on the Planet and the only one who hunts and kills for the funof it.
    If we don’t stop this, Mother Nature will teach us a lesson and it’s going to hurt.
    call me Ma Tipanna, a life-long learner.
    I think for myself, a rebel, with a cause, but powerless to change other people.
    Just had my 80th birthday, always young for my age.
    But worn out and wanting to live off grid, neart nature, away from people.
    Stuck in a small apartment, living on a small amount of cash, abandoned by my children, living with my beautiful Aussie girl
    and not happy to see the collapse which is coming.
    and all of this is man-made.
    Need to rent a small one bedroom cottage, in a quiet town, away from modern society
    Go, Greta, Go!
    Bernie Sanders must win over Trump.
    An honest man, kind and the only one to over through Trump.
    Ma Tipanna a full time Mom who never got paid for her work.

    1. Deanna….

      Your message is loud and clear, so long as some are not wearing ear muffs or blindfolds. I have personally talked about the existence of nuclear weapons and their potential terminal diagnosis if ever used since Moses floated down the Nile. Helen Caldicott tried to organize marches and marchers in the eighties without much success, even though there were more than one million marchers atttending one of her marches.. all to no avail. I would wager my bottom dollar that less than 1% of people know who won the 2017 Nobel peace prize… i.e., The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons… It was probably mentioned once on U.S National Networks, and silence thereafter. Since the U.S military industry was spending hundreds of billions building a new generation of nuclear weapons, and since the networks and the military industry are basically tied at the hips in bank accounts, it would have been counterproductive, to say the least, for the networks to announce the 2017 peace prize winners while at the same time building a new array of its nuclear arsenal.

      It’s all about money… Follow the money, and you can then connect all the dots…. BUT can we blame people for trying to accumulate Big Bucks when the consequences of an absence of money is so obvious — in homelessness and/or starvation? That was OUR responsibility… The Big Buck makers are only protecting themselves, and I for one can’t blame them one bit.

  2. This outstanding interview at UN COP 24 in Poland in December 2018 with ace teen eco champion and ethical vegan Greta Thunberg, and her supportive father Svante Thunberg, super-impressed me. It helped lead to this longtime science journalist-historian (and PhD student) pursuing a book about Greta Thunberg, Fridays For Future, and the #1 world problem of AGW/6th mass extinction climate emergency, which Ms. Thunberg astutely notes refuses to cover as the dominant news story it certainly should be. My Venn Diagram overlap with her interests, values, experiences, and disabilities is quite uncanny. One of the pivotal moments for me, in addition to knowing she is vegan and copes with OCD-Asperger’s Syndrome, was her perplexity at how many journalists and politicians did not know even such basic simple facts as the Keeling Curve and albedo effect. It was also so sweet of her to adjust the microphone several times for her father, and prompt him on the year atmospheric CO2 passed 350 ppm (1987) and on the English-language idiom “practice as you preach.” She is brilliant and blunt, insightful and incisive, powerful and poignant, modest and magnanimous. How anyone can fail to admire and emulate her utterly baffles me, She is a remarkable role model, for young and all., I am pleased that former US National Science Foundation Director Dr. John Brooks Slaughter, who knew me and my writing well while Chancellor heading the UMCP flagship campus, has enthusiastically endorsed my forthcoming book, as have other prominent individuals. I will strive my best to research and write a book worthy of Ms. Thunberg and this vital cause. She is truly the world’s moral and environmental leader, and always urges people to “unite behind the science.” I would so love to interview Stuart Scott and/or Victoria Hurth, who did so well in asking questions here. [email protected]

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