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This is a 1080p video file of the documentary "ROLLBACKS, An Assault Against Life on Earth" produced by Old Dog Documentaries.

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5 Replies to “Rollbacks, An Assault Against Life on Earth”

  1. Excellent film describes the blind greed that we are facing, have forwarded to my XR (extinction rebellion) group and my local county council .

  2. Beautifully produced and so full of the relevant issues. One of the comments from Greta was most significant, and relevant to our current impasse in protecting ourselves from ourselves when dealing with the future of all species… which was Greta’s reference to the fact that we cannot expect the changes that are needed from the same perspectives as that which got us into trouble ever since we emerge to dominate the planet’s life.

    For example, one of many that can be pursued, is the writing on the sweater from a young activist towards the end of the film stating that “We need GOOD JOBS”…. which is a direct carry-over from the world of humanity in which “good jobs” were necessary for individual survival. In short, jobs are the very symbol of enslavement from which we depend, and shouldn’t. If we’re going “to go where no man has gone before”, as Star Trek aficionados used to say, we had better get on another ship, otherwise the Titanic on which we are sailing, the Good Job Titanic, will soon follow its sister.

    I have further comments that would help direct a ship out of its original path, if interested. Otherwise, it was a most relevant exposure of the status quo….

    Please send my salutations to Stuart Scott, with whom I had previous exchanges as I only wish him good health…

    Take care,

    John Turcot

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