Update from Stuart Scott

I may be reaching the end of my journey.

I am a warrior, and while there is life and breath, a warrior does not give up. Mind you, I am spiritual warrior as well as climate and eco-warrior. So I will use even these precious moments to best advantage, including sharing time with family and friends, taking care of loose ends, etc.

I speculate about ‘end of life’ with a divergent combination of feelings…including sadness of course, but also humility, despair, some ‘tempered’ hope but most of all, with appreciation. It’s possible I may rally and be present at COP-26 in Glasgow.

I have received confirmation that Pope Francis intends to attend COP-26 in person. I know that I had a hand in that decision, from the email threads between Cardinal Turkson and myself. But the world will not know of these email threads. So this will have to be part of my ‘private legacy’ and not the public one.

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3 Replies to “Update from Stuart Scott”

  1. Dear Stuart, It is so hard to hear you say all this. You have beaten the rap for a long time, but for all of us, in the end, the time for departure must come. You are not alone in sensing the spiritual continuity of life. Knowing what you have done for the human race, I am sure that you will have an equally important role to play in the next world. I have been interested since childhood in psychical research, and my first published paper was on parapsychology (though I soon learned to leave it off my CV when it came to job interviews!). Even for a boring scientist the evidence for survival is powerful. We all have more to us than we think. I know of a psychic called John Lavack, who I know has had healing success on desperately ill friends. I will be happy to put him on to you. Whatever happens, I intend to devote the rest of my life to the same cause as you, saving the human race, and I will never give up. I hope that we will meet again in this world. What is the Circle of Elders?
    With love and respect, Peter

  2. Thank you Stuart Scott.
    Thank you for telling us all the painful truth.
    Thank you for giving your heart, your soul, your life’s blood.
    Thank you for shaking and waking us out of our sleep and for never giving up on those who turn away from your call to action.
    Thank you to those who are near and dear for sharing you with us.
    Though we have never met, I will always hold a piece of you in my heart.
    You are indeed a great warrior, courageously putting your life on the line for all of us and our only planet, earth.
    Sending you deepest love and affection, across the deep blue sea. ❤️

  3. Dear Stuart Scott
    I can feel the hard moment you are passing through.

    I have read your letter and your message of forgiveness and your courage of not being afraid of dying inspired me so much.

    I sincerely pray for getting well as you pass through a battling of cancer. May God instill fearlessness and hope into your heart each day.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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