Update from Stuart Scott

I may be reaching the end of my journey.

I am a warrior, and while there is life and breath, a warrior does not give up. Mind you, I am spiritual warrior as well as climate and eco-warrior. So I will use even these precious moments to best advantage, including sharing time with family and friends, taking care of loose ends, etc.

I speculate about ‘end of life’ with a divergent combination of feelings…including sadness of course, but also humility, despair, some ‘tempered’ hope but most of all, with appreciation. It’s possible I may rally and be present at COP-26 in Glasgow.

I have received confirmation that Pope Francis intends to attend COP-26 in person. I know that I had a hand in that decision, from the email threads between Cardinal Turkson and myself. But the world will not know of these email threads. So this will have to be part of my ‘private legacy’ and not the public one.

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  1. Dear Stuart, It is so hard to hear you say all this. You have beaten the rap for a long time, but for all of us, in the end, the time for departure must come. You are not alone in sensing the spiritual continuity of life. Knowing what you have done for the human race, I am sure that you will have an equally important role to play in the next world. I have been interested since childhood in psychical research, and my first published paper was on parapsychology (though I soon learned to leave it off my CV when it came to job interviews!). Even for a boring scientist the evidence for survival is powerful. We all have more to us than we think. I know of a psychic called John Lavack, who I know has had healing success on desperately ill friends. I will be happy to put him on to you. Whatever happens, I intend to devote the rest of my life to the same cause as you, saving the human race, and I will never give up. I hope that we will meet again in this world. What is the Circle of Elders?
    With love and respect, Peter

  2. Dear Scott!

    My motto in connection with my known and experienced spirituality is to preserve the planet Earth with (as much as possible of) the nature living here – not for future human selfish generations – but for our souls, coming here to learn and teach others into one of the most beautiful and also harsh material environment, despite all stupidities the humanity does.

    Different projects concerning the nature preservation will certainly still continue, including what you have started and almost finished and what must be running in infinity… Trust that the souls exist here on the planet that will not allow the complete destruction.

    My humble contribution is (hopefully correct) recognition and understanding the efforts of Russian Arctic researchers, about whom you have been talking with Peter Wadhams in interview from March 2019. With Peter’s permission I translated and included it completely in my book Arctic Methane, now being prepared for English edition. Their work must be much more widely recognized and considered at decisions, how do we want to live here.

    With the preliminary book files and condensed description of Arctic methane danger we are exactly in this last week sending some 50 letters to the environmentally and socially more susceptible world’s current and former leaders. The former presidents seem to be yet larger potential for acting… It really took two or three months of preparation before… I hope that at least some of them will understand deeply that the time for the nature is tic-tacking. Maybe we brought understanding, why hydrate decomposition is so critical and maybe the solution, too. Russia needs wide international support in all connected fields. If they succeed to cover the seafloor impermeably, the pressure inside would raise and disable hydrate decomposition. Only with stopping the emissions and preventing further melting of the seabed, we could plan to come back again into flowering Earth’s nature. Let’s imagine, what our environment would be without fighting for materials and energy and with equal rights (and duties) for everyone.

    In the website field of this post I am giving the link to my Arctic methane facts and in that writing the links to the book and other documents exist. Not for your studying in this time but for appeasing that things go on.

    Of course it is difficult to read your brave letter, but we shall remember of beliefs of several indigenous tribes being not sad, when a soul decides to return home. She had done with the help of our human “tools” all planed in this incarnation, maybe not all but that what was possible…

    We feel sorry when we are losing our (programmed) energy, we brought with. Because still so many things and projects exist we would like to do. With our growing experiences the ideas and will are bursting and flowering. But the other part of our energy, stayed in the spiritual world is as well important for our regeneration. Some still have a lot of energy in their elderly, but you certainly didn’t spare it or use thoughtlessly for your own benefits. The traces of its shining in our environment and societies stay. It’s like cutting and extinguishing fires of uncontrolled happiness of young and inexperienced souls, having otherwise deadly influences to our only shelter on this planet.

    It is difficult to give advices to one, whom I don’t know personally. But once is certainly. Stop thinking to the estimated expected rest… It is programming of your brain, causing this really happens… And they know that very well… But they don’t know anything about your complete body and soul. They just manipulate with visible results of their laboratory analyses…

    Maybe we would have to learn to renew our energies timely, for the Creation sends chi and prana all the time. When I am deadly tired or sleepless, I try to dive into living energy around us, leaving that vibrations and warmth just penetrate in the body. My energy rises and at me it worked healing in many “smaller” cases, too, although I wouldn’t speculate in your case. But I trust and I would like to die once flooded with these feelings of connectedness with Creation. Well if interested I would share once my way to this “capacity”. It includes self-suggesting method of autogene training, Taoistic managing of own energies through the body energetic paths, meridians and becoming a practical healer of The Reconnection method, developed by the kiropractic originally, Eric Pearl, something similar as Reiki. But this course was just the confirmation of something I started to feel already before. Al this I think caused the body sensitivity to the healing living energy around us, capable to “couple” in seconds… Pearl warns that these energies are healing for our souls, not necessary for the bodies. In his book an example describes his visit at a woman with advanced cancer, but after his therapy she just slept much more peacefully…

    Otherwise – what is your nutrition? It is important. The poisoning chemo influences to all our cells and destroys them. Therefore the doctors strictly warn against taking antioxidants and vitamins during the therapies to achive better effects with weakened immune system. It is important that you prepare and strengthen the body before the chemo and continue with the best food and additives after the therapy. But what is the best food?

    There is a wide research from 1980th in China and book of American physician Colin Campbell, The China Study. The general conclusion was that the mortality because of cancer increased in several China provinces and at specific families because the new life style forced to consume big quantities of animal food, but first of all the animal proteins, not the fats surprisingly. And there is practically no vitamins in animal food, remember that all natural healing substances and preparations are coming from the plant base… The animal food brings too much of similar substances that the fast growing cancer cells desperately need for their success… Add all poisons the cattle eat with the genetic modifies crops… So the quality food can be only the organic vegetarian, even vegan… Try with less strong and carefully cooked dark green vegetables, but also fresh juices and smoothies…

    If you feel that the body is still enough strong, the fasting methods could be successful, too. You need to cut the nutrition flows to the wild cancer cells. The healthy will survive, weakened of course, but those greedy would have to decay. But support of some life-supporting substances in form of certain teas and juices are needed all that time. I know a man in Slovenia, exercising such therapies and seminars and the people write about many successful conclusions. The name, who introduced this method is Austrian Rudolf Breuss. I found the English link:

    I talked to my friend, for she knows the books of Anita Moorjani, describing her near death experience for the same reason of cander-dieing body. She describes her total surrender to the Creation energies and to their aims with her soul. Like some kind of illumination… Recognizing the reasons, why she is here. The disease disappeared. Maybe you were giving too much to the society but have forgotten to your own personal reasons of your incarnation on Earth. Don’t forget to environment, but put it aside and try to find the personal problems and persons if you have confronted with them for longer times. Stop being warrior for some time… As you have written, forgiveness…

    In my family the father was diagnosticed with a tumor in bladder. The doctor scared me that it will break the walls and bleeding will appear in urine. Never happened. But he was really suffering for dementia, too and after breaking the heap, he stayed in the bed. At the next his left five years we took care for him at home, half conscious and in peaceful mental conditions, his cancer didn’t progress and he died of heart collapse after the nerves have slowly stopped functioning upwards the body toward the head…

    Well, I tried shortly to put together some of my knowledge and experiences with the disease. Some friends died and some survived. But all latter have changed in their thinking, feeling and acting… So once again, we will continue this work in sometimes different and sometimes similar directions of yours. Put these worries to the side… But after your recovery your experiences will be valuable and we will need you again in the appropriate level of burdening you of course 🙂

    I wish you all he best.

    Yours sincerely,
    Milan Malej, Slovenia

  3. Thank you Stuart Scott.
    Thank you for telling us all the painful truth.
    Thank you for giving your heart, your soul, your life’s blood.
    Thank you for shaking and waking us out of our sleep and for never giving up on those who turn away from your call to action.
    Thank you to those who are near and dear for sharing you with us.
    Though we have never met, I will always hold a piece of you in my heart.
    You are indeed a great warrior, courageously putting your life on the line for all of us and our only planet, earth.
    Sending you deepest love and affection, across the deep blue sea. ❤️

  4. Dear Scott,

    you are SO not to fear death, – and I speak as an Atheist, becausenot believing in Gods is not the same as not believing in the stuff of subtle bodies, and universal energy- because you will be waking up form this dream (that so many members of our species insist in turning into a nightmare!) and get a chance to look around and laugh out loud, that’s all.

    “Is that all? Is that what we fret and agonise over for those brief, fleeting years of dreaming? Just a test, a game, a stage in our education on the way to the next adventure, the next wonder?” you may find yourself exclaiming, relieved, bathed in light, loved entities all around welcoming, ‘patting you on the back’, embracing you, full of laughter and mirth.

    “Welcome son, brother, friend! Thrice welcome home!” and if there be such thing as food or drink, you will sup in style, our dear, beloved friend, and no food will ever have tasted better!

    No need for prayers or paying mealy-mouthed worshipful lip service, Love is the whole of it, its own destiny and goal and journey to istself. The essential need to BE, to EXIST and become more, that Love might beget more Love, untli a universe exists, and more come into existence in every electron, every quark, as we, in our dream state, experience it in infinnite forms, from infinte perspectives – alas! not all of them pleasant… stil… a child must learn the creass and painful along with the sublime! –

    But ah, Scott, the relief! The sheer joiy of diving into SO much love that you can swim and bathe and let it trickle trough ethereal fingers, like water washing over a body, just as much composed of light as its surroundings, subtly the same and yet distinct.

    Consciousness never dies, it simply eveloves until it begets more consciousness and LIfe is borne of its need to Love and be Loved.

    THANK YOU our brother, our teacher, our friend, our grief will be deep, believe me, for the loss is to us tangible and grabs at the deepest part of us. A warrior will have gone from our world, from the clasp of his beloved family, friends, collaegues and students.
    Many of us are not far behind you, and so many look forward to “seeing” you again!

    Please be there to welcome us, when our turn comes? And count yourself ensconced in our hearts and minds and spirits, a light that cannot be extinguished, made of the same stuff as the very stars we navigate, on our spaceship Earth. I, for one, shall think of you, when the moments of terror strike, as the angst tears and gnaws at my innermost child, that fears itself alone in the dark.

    Please accept our tears as our farewell tribute, they each contain a lifetime of love, our lifetimes, our love, our loyalty and pride in all you have achieved.

    Thank you for the lessons in humanity, our teacher!

    Fare well and go in peace and Love.

    Your ever grateful friend, unseen, unknown, and that’s ok….

    Antonella, Bristol, UK 🕊🌍🔆💚

    “One Earth, One People, One Love, One Future… or none at all!”

  5. Dear Stuart Scott
    I can feel the hard moment you are passing through.

    I have read your letter and your message of forgiveness and your courage of not being afraid of dying inspired me so much.

    I sincerely pray for getting well as you pass through a battling of cancer. May God instill fearlessness and hope into your heart each day.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. It was you, Stuart, who tuned me into what is happening to our planet and I will be eternally grateful to you for opening my eyes. That, in turn, has led me to open others eyes.

    My love and thoughts go out to you.

  7. Stuart, you have been a true mentor in my own journey of ecological awareness and communication. As you describe yourself – you are a true ‘ecological impresario’ who focuses so well and so powerfully on the challenges that count. Be assured that I and others will push forward on what needs to happen. The wonders of our planet are too precious to wreck when we are an ‘intelligent’ species that can do so much good. Great news that the Pope will be attending the COP live or in video. My best wishes for the time we have ahead. Brian

  8. Dear Stuart, When we met in October 2018, while you were travelling on your way towards COP24 in Poland, and you kindly agreed to stop by and speak at a Population Matters event I was organising in the UK, my only regret was that I was unable to muster a huge audience to hear what you had to say, because the words of warning, wisdom and encouragement you delivered then on behalf of ScientistsWarning.org still need to be heard by the whole world today. Along with what must be hundreds of thousands of followers of that organisation and Facing Future.Earth, if not millions by now, I will deeply regret your passing when that dreadful day comes. But, I am extremely grateful for you being on this Earth at this critical time, doing your utmost to try to help us; and for all that you have achieved with such courage, fortitude and strength of spirit. Fortunately you will live on, not only in so many hearts and minds, but in your you-tube videos, hopefully for long enough for us to get to grips with all the problems you will, like it or not, be forced to leave behind for others to deal with.
    No man could have tried harder than you to help the human race get out of the deep hole we have gotten ourselves into. Bless you Stuart, you will always have my huge admiration and respect. Bill

  9. RIP Stuart, you fought valiently to the end! You will always be my hero, and never be forgotten. Love to all, as Stuart demonstrated.

  10. Oh Stuart, My Brother in Truth, You did great & acted as an army of 10,000 to heal & teach & you opened many minds & doors to so many. I Love You


  11. You don’t know me Stuart, but I have admired you from afar. Thank you for all you have done for planet earth. Thank you everyone for your inspiring spiritual remarks, that help me feel less alone.

  12. This is a belated thank you.
    I knew of climate change from the ’70s, but I never understood it till I came across your publications. To me you were correct the science is great but it needs to be bridged by people like you to put the reality before the general public to understand. Politicians will not do this I hope the media can take more responsibility, honesty is key.
    I cannot thank you enough, enjoy your next adventure as our essence never dies. I believe the truth can really set us free to deal with this emergency.

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