Update from Stuart Scott

I may be reaching the end of my journey.

I am a warrior, and while there is life and breath, a warrior does not give up. Mind you, I am spiritual warrior as well as climate and eco-warrior. So I will use even these precious moments to best advantage, including sharing time with family and friends, taking care of loose ends, etc.

I speculate about ‘end of life’ with a divergent combination of feelings…including sadness of course, but also humility, despair, some ‘tempered’ hope but most of all, with appreciation. It’s possible I may rally and be present at COP-26 in Glasgow.

I have received confirmation that Pope Francis intends to attend COP-26 in person. I know that I had a hand in that decision, from the email threads between Cardinal Turkson and myself. But the world will not know of these email threads. So this will have to be part of my ‘private legacy’ and not the public one.

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