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Transforming Our Lives in the Face of Crisis

Brian Wright, Rupert Read, and Dale Walkonen

October 31, 2021 @ 2:00 PM GMT


In Glasgow, on the opening day of COP, a press conference will invite COP26 to get real about adaptation as the primary challenge now facing us.

Said Dr. Rupert Read, co-editor of ‘Deep Adaptation’, “To get serious, COP would put adaptation EQUAL to mitigation. Or even maybe first. Because climate chaos is here.”

Defining adaptation then becomes utterly crucial. The session will argue that Transformative And Deep Adaptation is what we need. Any incremental/defensive adaptation should only occur within that overarching frame of seeking to transform our systems, on the basis of an ethics of unity, of us all ultimately being in this together, and to prepare for the worst.

Dr. Read added: “The Earth’s protective systems need protecting, if we are to be able to adapt. But defensive adaptation - merely building higher flood defenses, etc., the kind of approach to adaptation being most vocally put forward by the Australian Government, does not protect the Earth’s protective systems. On the contrary, perpetuating high-carbon systems, it further damages the Earth’s protective systems."

“Adaptation is the best route to mitigation/prevention/protection too! Because adaptation makes the crisis psychologically real. Unlike the talk of ‘2050’, or even ‘2035’."

"So there is a virtuous circle: Adaptation, properly defined, supports and includes mitigation. And mitigation makes adaptation feasible."


Brian Wright
Facing Future TV Team, Integral Philosophy of Oscar Ichazo, The Ethics of Unity. Formerly, Natural Medicine Founder/Director/Author, Eco-Projects: Eco-cement from waste.

Rupert Read
Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, author, Parents for a Future (2021). co-editor, with Jem Bendell, Deep Adaptation: navigating the realities of climate chaos, the first ever book on Deep Adaptation; Co-founder of

Dale Walkonen
Executive producer, Facing Future.TV. Formerly, New York State Lobbyist for the ASPCA, and Adjunct Professor of Communications Concordia College.

Glasgow Scotland, Scottish Event Campus (SEC), PC2 - Durdle Door in the East Lomond Suite