Our Greatest Threat – Nuclear Waste Storage

This is the first of several conversations to come on what is without exaggeration the greatest threat to Humanity and all of Life on Earth - the risk of radioactive contamination of beyond comprehension. This is NOT a question of energy production from nuclear sources. That is controversial, with 4th generation designs being much safer than the old 2nd and 3rd generation ones around the world.

The subject is the cooling ponds for #NuclearWaste and its thin walled #DryCaskStorage into which it is (sometimes) transferred is the lurking danger. This immense hazard has been *actively* ignored by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), a 'captive regulatory agency,' controlled by the powerful industry it is supposed to regulate. The NRC routinely rubber stamps permits designed for 'short term storage' in facilities that it knows will be used for long term storage beyond the couple of decades stated in the permits.

This is an introduction, a 'primer', a 'risk assessment,' and a crash course all in one. Other conversations will dig deeper and shock you with the extent of the risk and flagrant avoidance of regulation of the nuclear industry in the US. Consequences of accidents, sabotage or enemy attacks on waste storage facilities would be felt around the world for eons of time.

Here's yet another way that Money controls us both individually and collectively. In this case it masks the inadequacy of America's standards and oversight of nuclear design, engineering, maintenance, monitoring, and approval processes. 'Money' stacks the NRC with regulators responsive to the industry's desire to minimize cost and maximize profit by ignoring and denying risk at every stage. Consequences are offloaded onto society, future generations, and all living things.

At risk is the potential #NuclearContamination of huge swaths of the US, North America, and surrounding territories and waters. The cost-reducing risks that the powerful nuclear industry and its puppet NRC regulators are willing to take with the health, well-being, and survival of Humanity and Life on Earth are mind-boggling. Watch and learn for yourself.