Humanity is on a collision course with nature.
We must Act to ensure our survival.

Our mission

Is to heighten public awareness of the World Scientists’ Warnings to Humanity, which includes a growing climate emergency, ecological collapse, and the need to adopt a sustainable economic pathway embracing Ecological Economics.

We must reach out to world leaders, the United Nations, the education sector, and public opinion while we still have time to act. We urge the UN to incorporate the recommendations of the warnings into its Sustainable Development Goals. They are not the only actions needed.

Our vision

Is a world where governments and the public understand and accept the need for a sustainable economic system that is not based on a doctrine of continual growth. Our current economic system is driving us towards ecological collapse and resource depletion.

Our Goals

To heighten public awareness of the Alliance of World Scientists’ warnings to the public and the growing ecological crisis that humanity faces.

To work with organizations and interventions which guide humanity towards a pathway that respects planetary boundaries, through technology, research and policy and assess our progress towards these goals.