Scientists’ Warning:
Microorganisms and Climate Change

This additional alert from the Alliance of World Scientists (AWS) examines  the critical role that microorganisms play in the biological factors of climate change. The way in which microorganisms respond to changes in the climate is key to the impact of climate change on ecosystems and life on Earth.

This article was published online in Nature Reviews on June 18, 2019.  Its two lead authors are Ricardo Cavicchioli and William J. Ripple. Here is a link to the pdf file.

Microorganisms – AWS June 2018

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  1. I’ve known for years that everything is changing much faster than the models have predicted. As a landscaper, I work in the soil regularly and have pondered whether the increase in atmospheric CO2 helps to increase the acidity of soil and what effect that has on the soil biome. Anecdotally, I’m pretty sure that plants are growing faster and know that invasive species are outpacing native plants in these growth cycles. Various species of chic weed are flowering and seeding weeks before natives have even set flower buds. This can’t be good for the trophic species that depend upon the natives.

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