Methane: The Climate Monster

The AR6 recognizes that the release of Methane, a greenhouse gas over 80 times more potent than CO2 over the first 20 years, poses an extremely serious threat. #DaphneWysham, #PeterWadhams and #PeterFiekowsky describe both the nature of the threat, and the possibilities for mitigation.

Stored below the melting permafrost, emitted by cows and other ruminants, seeping from manure pits and landfills, rising into the atmosphere from fossil fuels, and emitted by wetlands, rice paddies and fish farms, it is a monster we must control. As the oceans warm and expand, more methane seeps up from the depths where it has been stored for millennia. Hosted by Dale Walkonen, the experts on this COP26 panel present a variety of plans to capture and to slow the release of human-caused methane.