Sometime a serious legal or relationship problem gets half way to resolution, in just being able to state or frame a good question, never mind, finding the answer. Scott never was one to say, I have the answers but rather towards surfacing the steps, framing the problems. Many experts know all about finance, permaculture, sustainable energy, policy analysis, and education. But somehow if you were to take all of them, you still might wind up with nothing. Empty handed. Nevertheless, something so large needs to be broken into parts, but to comprehensible:

Economic Issues, Social Problems

• Neoliberal coup at University of Chicago anoints Neoclassical growth economics as only game in town
• ‘Economics’ has become synonymous with Neoclassical Economics–NCE
• Other economic models are relegated to ‘other departments’
• Neoclassical Growth economics benefits the bankers the most
• NCE promotes the greediest to the top
• Monetary value is the only relevant scale of worth in the marketplace
• Destruction of Nature is an ‘externality’–source of extraction
• Fair and ethical treatment of others is an ‘externality’—sources of labor, subservience, or audiances, view counts.
• 100 years of NCE hegemony makes it an uphill battle for other models
• Domination of economics by capital markets—stocks and bonds.


Ecological Stressors
• Biodiversity Loss
• Food Systems
• Freshwater Scarcity
• Marine Life Depletion
• Ocean Pollutions
• Forest Destruction
• Air Toxification
• Soil Degradation
• Population
• Climate Change.


Spiritual Issues

  • Scientific reductionism Rationality as king
  • Compartmentalization (faith is for Sundays)
  • Excesses and ‘sins’ of organized, institutionalized religions
  • Secularism eliminated ethics from educational curriculum
  • Tendency for spirituality to become ‘magical thinking’