Conquering Disease with Diet

We need #biodiversity, not only in the environment, but also in our diet. Dr. T. Colin Campbell first introduced what he called a “plant-based diet” to prevent disease in the 1980’s. He is joined in this discussion by oncologist Dr. Barry Boyd, whose own clinical experience led him to conclude that, by adopting this diet, patients would have far better outcomes.

Both doctors advocate whole foods rather than the reductionist practice of separating out single nutrients in pills or shots because nutrients need to work synergistically, as in an ecosystem, to be effective. In fact, high doses of beta carotene or B12 can actually increase the progression of cancers and other diseases.

They also note that farms have been replaced by industrial operations whose pesticides have penetrated the environment and can be found in our bodies. This is why organic food is so important. And, if we stopped growing feed for animals to produce meat and dairy, the bulk of these chemicals would no longer be used.

For a deeper dive into the science behind a plant-based diet, and to learn more about #nutrition, you can read Dr. Campbell's latest book, The Future of Nutrition, or enroll in the program Dr. Campbell mentions in this video.