Active Hope

from Stuart Scott

"Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We're in without Going Crazy" by Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone
“Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy” by Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone (Image of book cover; Fair use)

Humanity is currently suspended between the Reality of the present climate emergency, denial by the economic forces that benefit the few at the expense of all, the ignorant bliss of social media and cheap plentiful ‘entertainment’, lies of #DonaldTramp, and his minions (#DonaldsChumps) either ideologically blinded or lying for personal gain.

Those who understand the climate science are in a state of disbelief, shock and fear. Scientists themselves cannot share their personal feelings to avoid criticism of their objectivity. Humanity is in a self-imposed gridlock on the most serious existential challenge we have ever faced; dealing with ourselves, our desire for comfort, convenience and security, none of which are assured any more. That’s tough to accept… to get your head and heart around. Just go shopping instead.

It is easy to go into a state of depression, dejection, and inaction. Why try when all is lost?

‘Hope’ is a complex word. It can imply ‘magical thinking’, as in hoping something into existence, or passivity, as though ‘hoping’ itself was enough. Or it can be the seed of action, called #ActiveHope. It is that kind of hope we need to inspire in you all, and to have you to inspire in others through your actions.

To better understand the roots of our present predicament download, read, and re-read Roger Boyd’s insightful, brief essay . . .

The Creation of Society’s Shared Hallucinations

. . . then share it as widely as possible. It will fertilize the seeds of #ActiveHope in everyone you share it with.

3 Replies to “Active Hope”

  1. Thanks Stuart, for this excellent explanation by Roger Boyd of how many millions of people can be brainwashed, chiefly by the media and those who control or pay for it – without knowing it has happened, and still is happening ,to them

  2. A couple of minor editorial comments: 1) the past tense of lead is led; 2) near the end, you write, “Many commentators also give significant weighting to the inability of the East German authorities to block the television signals from the much more prosperous West Germany in undermining the basis of the communist state.” Since East and West Germany are now one, perhaps you would want to remove this sentence, or make it past tense.

    1. 3) Suggest change from: “To help affect the creation of social reality in their favor, they have created many so-called “independent” think-tanks, and hired public relations groups, to help create a perception of uncertainty on subjects such as climate change and to gain more access for skeptics to the media.” To: The rich and powerful have created many so-called “independent” think-tanks, and hired public relations groups, to foster a perception of uncertainty on subjects such as climate change, and to normalize the presence of skeptics in the media.

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