December 9, 2019

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Woodstock +50,
with Film Director Michael Wadleigh

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Who: Consummate Baby Boomer and film director Michael Wadleigh captured the music festival that defined an era in the documentary ‘Woodstock.’ Today, a younger generation expresses their anger and frustration towards the generation they believe accelerated environmental destruction with the phrase, “Ok, Boomer!” Wadleigh will traverse this intergenerational divide and discuss the climate crisis with some of the high school students he’s taught in Chile.

What: Who’s to blame ᠆ what’s the solution? An intergenerational discussion about the climate crisis between a Baby Boomer and Generation Y.

Where: Press Conference Room Mocha, COP25, Madrid, Spain

When: Monday, December 9, 15:00 (3:00 pm)

Scientists’ Warning Programs

We have an exciting line-up of SW programs for this year’s COP. They will all be recorded and uploaded to the SW Youtube channel:

We will also be attempting to livestream the programs on Youtube. Here is a snapshot of some of the upcoming programs:

Dec. 9: Woodstock +50 with Film Director
Michael Wadleigh
Dec. 10: Corporate Control and the Climate Meltdown Luiz Marques
Dec.11: Ocean Pasture Restoration Russ George, Peter Fiekowsky, & Alex Carlin
Dec. 12: Climate Restoration Dr. Peter Wadhams & Peter Fiekowsky
Dec. 13 TBD

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