December 3, 2019
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More Growth = Collapse

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Who: Amy Lewis, award-winning non-profit leader of the NGO ‘Nature Needs Half’ as well as a scholar of environmental policy, is joined by Mindahi Bastida, Coordinator of the Otomí Indigenous Regional Council of Alto Lerma and President – Founder of the Mexican Council for Sustainable Development, and Gert-Peter Bruch, founder of the NGO ‘Planet Amazon,’ which ensures the respect of their rights and the recognition of those of nature. Bruch is also a film director and co-founder and member of the Executive Committee of the ‘Alliance of Mother Nature’s Guardians.’

What: Biodiversity is collapsing, Indigenous communities are shrinking, and resources such as food and water are ever more scarce. The great loss to our planet has one common denominator – runaway growth both in terms of economic markets and human population. To save our planet, we must initiate an immediate draw-down on all forms of economic and human population growth. The guests will discuss what that will look like and what we need to do to reach this goal.

Where:    Press Conference Room Mocha, COP25, Madrid, Spain

When:   Wednesday, December 4, 15:00 (3:00 pm)

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